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With the modernisation of IO governance frameworks, and the courts’ and tribunals’ increased willingness to pierce the functional immunities of IOs, the proper application of IOs employment framework gains significance. While functional immunity remains important for IOs as international actors, the international civil servants working for them must be able to access justice and protect their rights.

Grotius Chambers can advise international civil servants on  their rights, as well as on the IOs obligations, and on how best to pursue these rights. Our team can handle a wide range of work-related issues, including disputes relating to:

  • contractual matters
  • fair treatment
  • staff selection
  • abolition of posts
  • benefits and entitlements
  • harassment, discrimination or abuse of authority
  • disciplinary measures

We can also assist staff members during internal proceedings as well as represent them before their administrative tribunals.

  • Legal advice
  • Dispute resolution before internal administrative entities
  • Litigation before international administrative tribunals