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International Organisations are undergoing a transition. States demand better governance, focussing on the institutions’ transparency and accountability frameworks. They require a strengthening of compliance mechanism and the more efficient use of resources. New regulatory approaches and modernised financial, human resources and dispute resolution frameworks require development. Courts and international tribunals pierce immunities to grant better access to justice.

Grotius Chambers can assist international organisations with this transition, advising on the scope of immunity clauses in seat agreements and assisting with the development, preparation and passage of comprehensive governance frameworks. We can also asssit in protecting the rights of IOs providing legal advice and representation before international courts and tribunals on the correct application of such frameworks. 

  • Advice on the scope of immunity clauses
  • Assessement of existing governance frameworks against international best practices
  • Development of governance frameworks
  • Strategic advice concerning the adoption of governance frameworks
  • Training on of management and staff
  • Representation in international courts and tribunals.