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Governments and the public sector have growing needs for specialised legal and policy advice and services dedicated to their international engagements.

As global actors, they increasingly face complex legal challenges require resolution by international courts and tribunals. Often, these challenges now play out at the interface between sovereign and private actions, raising issues along the public/private law devide. Moreover, governments require expert advice in international bi- and multilateral negotiations on highly complex novelty issues. Domestically, their national legal frameworks require constant modernisation, either via the implementation of international obligations or through ensuring the law's compatibility with international standards and practices.

Grotius Chambers has significant expertise in assiting governments and the public sector with their legal and legal policy needs. We help with the resolution of state-state and private-state disputes, including representation before international courts and tribunals. Moreover, we can also provide legal and legal policy advice; legal policy development; legislative drafting; assistance in international negotiations; and tailored training for officials. 

  • Legal advice in complex public and private disputes
  • Legal representation in such disputes before international courts and tribunals
  • Legal policy advice and development in relation to complex international matters
  • Bill plan development and legislative drafting
  • Negotiation assistance, including position development and strategies