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Doing business internationally brings with it unique complexities. Transactions are connected to two or more legal systems. This raises legal and strategic questions concerning the best suited method to quell disputes, the preferred fora and the selection of an applicable law.

Businesses must carefully assess and evaluate these complexities. They must find sounds answers so that they can make informed choices that are  based on a full appreciation of the risks these complexities can pose. This task is central to international business. Making these choices carefully and at the earliest opportunity increases the chances to achieve anticipated outcomes. Failing to make them increases transactional uncertainty. Additional costs are the result and poor choices thus impact the economic success of transactions.

Grotius Chambers can assit with understanding the parameters that underpin these choices. Our experts have a deep understanding of businesses and can help clients to have all the relevant information required to make sound decisions. 

  • Advice in relation to the selection of the most appropriate method to quell a dispute
  • Advice on the choice of a forum
  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate applicable law
  • Pre-litgatiion advice, including on recognition/enforcement of agreements, awards and judgments
  • Legal representation before international courts and tribunals and facilitation of representation in domestic courts